Your NERDFIGHTERS: Ibrahim Moustafa (Chronicles of the Nerds, The Pound), Benjamin James (Revolver Digital Media), David Walker (BadAzzMofo, Number 13), Sean Wynn (Things From Another World, Star Pilot’s Revenge), Allen Bethel (Chronicles of the Nerds), Dana Thompson (Trek in the Park), engineered by Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts (cortandfatboy, Geek: Remixed), and moderated/instigated by Mikey Neilson (Chronicles of the Nerds, Comic CONversations).

Your NERDFIGHTS: Lando vs Sisko, Black Panther, Blade, or Amanda Waller, Best Black President, Dave Chappelle vs Chris Rock, Bill Cosby vs Richard Pryor, Superfly vs Shaft, best Rhodey; Terrance Howard vs Don Cheadle, best Spike Lee joint; Malcolm X vs Do the Right Thing, Best black actor; Denzel Washington or Sidney Poitier, which is worse for black culture; Tyler Perry or BET, best theme song, and our pickles allowed on a BBQ sandwich.

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