YOUR NERDFIGHTERS: Mikey Neilson (Chronicles of the Nerds, Comic Conversations, Extra/Ordinary) Terry Blas (Briar Hollow, the Gnerd Podcast) Tom Shimmin (Marketing/Promotions Oni Comics, Delta Bravo) Joelle Jones (You Have Killed Me, The Girl Who Owned a City) David Gerber (Asteroid M) Jamie S. Rich (12 Reasons Why I Love Her, Spell Checkers) and your moderator/instigator, Bobby Roberts (cortandfatboy, The Portland Mercury)

YOUR NERDFIGHTS: Spike or Angel, Heathers or Mean Girls, Borg vs. The Q Continuum, The Dark Crystal vs. Labyrinth, Should Hal Jordan and Barry Allen never have been resurrected, Which flavor of Ramen is best, Pringles vs. Cheetos, Who could whip Cap’n Crunch in a fight, Which fans are worse: Star Wars fans or Star Trek fans, Which is the worse ending: Lost or Battlestar Galactica, and more.

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