Mikey Neilson:  Mikey is the co-founder/editor/writer and host of Chronicles of the Nerds.  He’s also the co-creator of NERDFIGHT and the creator of Comic CONversations.  He wants to make comic books and is currently writing Extra/Ordinary as well as a few other projects in development.  He loves root beer, hates whistling, and will gladly sleep with Ben Affleck.

Allen Bethel:  Co-host of the podcast, Allen was a product of genetic manipulation, and was the first successful combination of nerd and jock DNA.  He can ball like a champion and then talk about superheroes for 12 hours straight.  A true superhuman, Allen has devoted his life to making the world a nerdier place.

Ibrahim Moustafa:  AKA Blickablaow, AKA Slick Grayson, AKA Ra’s Al Cool, AKA The Ridley Scott of Didley Squat, AKA Tron Boogman, AKA Swank McCoy, AKA The Egyptian Will Smith.  Ibrahim is a dancing machine and comic artist as well as co-host of the podcast.  He’s currently drawing High Crimes for Monkeybrain.


Dan Jones:  Co-creator of Chronicles of the Nerds.  Dan is a photographer and he does a lot of the behind the scenes website and graphic design stuff.  He’s totally cute.

Cole Dixon:  Co-Creator of Chronicles of the Nerds. Cole is a short film maker and youtube sensation.  Cole has shot and edited most of the videos on the site.

Leia Weathington:  Cartoonist, blogger and general life of the party, Leia brings her femnerd rage to the podcast as well as her love for the indie comic scene.  She’s the creator of The Legend of Bold Riley and Host of A Happy Go Lucky Podcast

Andrew Hill:  Andrew is an acupuncturist/massage therapist through his practice, Caveman Medicine.  Andrew comes on the show to help teach the more sedentary nerds a few tips on staying healthy.

Matt Grigsby:  Matt is an artist currently working on the comic, Extra/Ordinary.  He’s really good and people should like him and buy all his art.

Bobby Roberts:  Co-creator of NERDfight and frequent guest on the show.  Bobby is the engineer of the podcast, and one part of both Welcome to That Whole Thing and Ham-Fisted Radio.  He’s also the beat master behind Geek: Remixed.

Asteroid M:  Asteroid M is one of the two best bands in Portland.  Matt, Jonah, David and Jawsh have all come on the show on a semi regular basis and demonstrated just how big of dorks they really are.  Check them out.

Delta!Bravo:  The other best band in portland, Delta!Bravo will melt your face with their electronic dance pop jamboree and then talk about comics because they’re a bunch of nerds.  Joss, Ashton, Tom, and Brad all are swell folks that we dream of constantly.  Listen to them now.

Seacrest:  He’s a total douche bag, but he’s our douche bag.  Seacrest occasionally writes articles on video games and comes on the show.  He’s a member of PDXyar and it’s okay to hate him.

James Hayward:  Our nerd in the UK.  James also occasionally lends his talents to articles on video games.  His opinion is more valid than anyone elses because being from the UK makes you 10% smarter.