We’re just like every other nerd website/podcast out there, only we’re honest about it.  We’re also funnier and don’t lose our shit when meeting girls or celebrities.  We explore topics in nerd culture in a serious way while having fun and celebrating the things that make life worth living for us.  This is probably why we’ve been able to interview some huge names in nerd history like John Cleese, Bob Sagat, Seth Green, Jason David Frank, Aaron Douglas, Cheech and Chong Erin Gray, Broken Lizard, James Urbaniak, The Guild, and many more including musicians, voice actors and comic creators.

Since the inception of our podcast in 2009 we’ve expanded adding two additional podcast to our line up; Nerdfight and Comic CONversations.  We have a range of webcomics like “I Want My Family Back” and “Here’s to Life”.  We have original skits and videos of things we’ve covered, and we also write occasional articles on nerd culture with topics ranging from video games, to movie reviews, to editorials.

Whatever nerd itch you’re looking to scratch, Chronicles of the Nerds has it.

Mikey for the nerds