March 5th, 2012

The Best Games You’ve Never Played: Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem


Ryan “Seacrest” Reid is back with a review on a game most modern gamers completely missed.

Hi there. Do you own a gamecube? Do you like survival horror? Do you like slipping slowing into horror from beyond the stars and facing forces that mankind was never meant to discover? Then do I have the game for you.

In 2002 Silicon Knights released this seminal horror game for the Gamecube and it rocked my world. Now I’m not usually one for survival horror. It’s mostly the fixed camera angles, but for this game it worked. Eternal Darkness is the story Alexandra Roivas discovering the tale of the Eternal Darkness and her families connection to stemming the ides of destruction caused by ancient dark forces from beyond the stars. It was also the first game to employ a sanity meter. Much like in old Lovecraft tales, mere mortal brains can’t fathom the creatures the Eternal Darkness unleashes and will drain your sanity bar. When the bar is fully depleted the game starts fucking with you. Hard. Any time you enter a new room there’s a chance of the game psyching you out. From small things like switching the control scheme, filling the room with tons of enemies, or employing downright evil such as having the TV pretend to turn off, going to a blue screen of death, creating really terrifying sound effects (which get even worse when playing this game alone at night in the dark), and even having the game crash and then say your save has been corrupted.

The story itself is also great. You play as several different characters throughout time as they all battle against Pious Augustus, the Majordomo of one of three Ancients that you choose to face. Pious, a Roman Centurion that you control at the beginning of the game, gets corrupted by the power of Xel’lotath, the God of Sanity, Ulyaoth, God of Magic or Chattur’gha, God of Strength. Whichever you choose molds the rest of the game and the enemies you’ll face. Should you choose to take on Chattur’gha the game’s enemies will hit harder and have more health. Xel’lotath’s minions cause you to go insane faster, and the creatures of Ulyaoth steal your mana and use magic attacks. The best part about this is that to beat the game you technically have to play it three times.

The game has a great story, easy controls, a really cool magic system through the use of runes and is an all around great time. If you like H.P. Lovecraft, are a fan of survival horror or just want to see what it’s like to go insane, pick this up on eBay or at a old video game store. I swear you’ll have a great time or die a thousand horrible deaths while you question your reality. Either way, it’ll be worth your money.

Seacrest out

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