August 25th, 2011

Geeky Guy’s Guide to Getting the Girl

Art by Genevieve Santos

You are at the top of the leader board on Xbox live. You can speak Elvish fluently. You have a great group of friends who gather once a week to play Magic. You are happy, but there is one thing missing. The nerdy girl of your dreams. You deserve her, and with a little help you’ll get her.

Art by Genevieve Santos

Chelsea George makes her writting debut on the site by lending some support that most nerdy guys desperatly need.
The first myth to dispel is that you are alone. We all have the same problem; boy, girl, Jedi or troll. None of us knows exactly what to do. We are all afraid of saying the wrong thing and being rejected. A pretty girl and a nerdy guy are not so different.

What kind of girl do you want? That’s the first thing you need to figure out. Is there already a girl in your life that you swoon over? What are the qualities that you really dig? Peter Parker was your average science geek. He lived his life as a nerd who didn’t even date until college. His first girlfriend was a hot blond with a similar love of science, Gwen Stacey. Having common interests with girls is always a good place to start. Sure, there are womanizers everywhere like Flash Thompson, but girls get tired of that fast. They want someone to listen to them.

You’ve got a girl in mind, you’re half way there. Now get in her head. What does SHE want from a guy? Assuming you know her, you know her style and personality. If she’s goofy and outgoing, thats probably the kind of guy she’d like. If she’s introverted and bookish, bond over your mutual love of J.R.R. Tolkien. The most important thing to remember is to capitalize on your existing strengths and don’t try and be something you’re not. Girls, like superheros, are incredibly aware of evil do-ers and are keen to call bullshit. Like you, they don’t want to get hurt.

What is the difference between a superhero and his alter ego? The costume! But more than that, it’s the way his costume makes him feel and act. Bruce Wayne is a strange, tortured, hermit, millionaire. Batman is a sexy and confident life saver. The only difference is what he’s wearing. I’m not telling you to don a cape and mask, that could be very counter productive. I’m advising you to cloak yourself in confidence. Women are attracted to confidence, plain and simple. You are a great guy, and once you know it, so will she.

So you’ve come out of your shell and attracted the girl of your dreams. You’ve acted confidently and bonded over mutual interests. You got her phone number and her WOW username. Take her on a date. This is a good time to reference what you know about her. If she’s a vegetarian, a book worm, a big fan of anime. All of these things can be used in choosing where to take the girl. Don’t worry about cliches, a movie followed by dinner is an excellent ice breaker.

If all else fails think like a superhero. Think of Lois Lane falling in love with a super strong alien. If he can do it, why can’t you? Be the geeky guy who gets the geeky girl. And remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Chelsea George

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