August 3rd, 2011

Watsky “A New Kind of Sexy (Mixtape)” review


Rating: 5 out of 5

George Watsky is an American award-winning poet turned rapper. Well, I use the term “rapper” loosely. Watsky is a philosophical intellectual that interweaves subtle meanings and subtexts into the lyrics of his songs. At only 23, he harbors a distinctly deep insight into the power of tears and laughter. His words are profound and poetic with varying rhyme schemes brimming with subversive humor.

You may recognize his name from YouTube or The Ellen Degeneres Show. Back in 2010, Watsky posted a YouTube video entitled, “Pale Kid Raps Fast”, in which he showcased his uncanny ability to rhyme at, what seems to be, superhuman speeds. He can produce succinct sentences off-the-cuff and flash a sense of humor between words. When Ellen discovered this viral video, she had to feature Watsky on her show. This is where his break began. Shortly after his appearance on The Ellen Show, Watsky released a free download of a mixtape he had been producing. His first mixtape entitled, Watsky: Guilty Pleasures is a collection of remixes of popular songs played out with Watsky’s unique brand of rap. Along with his impressive talent at wordsmithing, he has a library of music videos on his YouTube channel that are comedic and surprisingly beautiful. Here is my favourite.

An excerpt from Stupidass by Watsky

I strongly recommend downloading his first mixtape. Oh, did I mention it is FREE! Watsky has quickly risen to this viral status of fame. He is humble in his actions and passionate about activism and change. It is refreshing to see such a sense of sustainability and care in youth. Earlier this week, Watsky released his free download of his second, highly anticipated mixtape entitled, A New Kind of Sexy. This time around, he features more original music with minor artists while still flowing like an avalanche. Not only do each of his albums redefine style, but he has found a fluid way of mixing poetry and rap so that they seamlessly blend and melts in your ears. A lot of mainstream and independent rappers claim to be “poets”, yet fall embarrassingly short of spewing anything poetic. Watsky is the breath of fresh air that the rap industry needs, although, he refuses to be stuck to a major label because he sees it as a slandering of his art.

Click here to download A New Kind of Sexy

I respect the accomplishments of this young poet savant. Give his mixtapes a listen and I promise you will be as enthralled with his preaching and humor as I am. For his music isn’t solely just music, it has passion, style, humor, art, talent, originality, and most of all ingenuity. There is no rapper out there today who could challenge Watsky. This may sound bias, and yes it probably is. But this being my review I feel the need to give substantial praise where praise is due. Watsky has stood his ground and kept his head on straight. As he proudly proclaims, he doesn’t do this for fame or money, but simply because he can. That is why the hours of skill and writing he puts into crafting each mixtape is 100% free. Watsky is a new generation of artist bringing a new kind of sexy.

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