June 14th, 2011



Sorry about the 24-hour delay on making a post. It was my responsibility and I dun goof’d. But, nevertheless, we have a new episode of my viral series entitled, ‘WORD VOMIT’. This week I break down the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to tipping a barista or other service industry employee. I explain how we perceive your actions and supply commentary on how not to portray yourself as a selfish, arrogant douche. Tipping; it’s not just for cows.

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Episode 183

Episode 183: This one’s more like Chronicles of That Whole Thing, as Ibrahim and Bobby do a special edition centered almost solely around the nerd news that, for whatever reason, caused the whole country to put their live...
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Podcast 100!!!

We finally did it. 100 podcasts and it feels so good. It’s a day of reflection, a day of joy, a day for dancing, a day of dick jokes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fights. Asteroid M jumps in, Cole Dixon makes a return ...
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Podcast 92

Cole’s back!!! This is the last podcast in the current HQ. We go into the DCNU for the last time, give you your nerd news, review the newest from the ultimate comics, X-Men Destiny and the Kindle Fire, and give you music ...
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‘Here’s to Life’ Issue #21: Male vs. Female – Sex

Now that our webcomic is old enough to drink, we thought we’d present you with a slightly more mature take on relationships. Ok. We’re lying. Issue #20 (Click Here)
by Cole


‘Here’s to Life’ Issue #20: at the Movies…

Inexplicably, every time Cassie and I attend a movie we walk away with a comical experience inspired by our fellow audience members. There seems to be some film-going individuals that supply more entertainment then the film its...
by Cole