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May 28th, 2011

Archives of the Nerds: Backstage with Bob Saget and Ryan Stout

nerds an bob saget

Every so often you have one of those magical nights that you know you’ll never forget. NEVER!!! The night that we met and interviewed Bob Saget and Ryan Stout was indeed one of those nights.

Still new to the interviewing scene and the whole website thing (2 months old), we never thought we’d be able to get back there to even meet Bob and Ryan. They are such amazing guys that not only did they grant us an interview, but they also gave us a tour of the theater then gave us balcony seats to see their show (that was amazing).

We all grew up with Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos and have the fondest memories of Bob. That’s not Bob. He’s even better. He truly is one of our heroes now and Ryan Stout has become one of our favorite comedians. Make sure to give them some love. Check out all 3 videos because they’re all equally amazing.

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