January 30th, 2011

Podcast 58

Mikey, Cole and Allen hit you with some more nerd news, review Dead Space 2, discuss Kevin Smith’s new venture and the return of comic book reviews. ¬†Music from Bayside and Alkaline Trio.


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Podcast 251 (3-21-2015)

We’re back after taking a week off to film some stuff for Kielen King. This week we talk about all the new shows that launched (iZombie, Powers, Community, etc), Mikey is becoming a Shaft expert, review Chappie, make the ...
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Podcast 250 (3/7/15)

It’s the big 250! Ibrahim makes his return. He catches us up on where he’s been and tires to report some “news”. We also make an important announcement about the future of Chronicles of the Nerds. To dow...
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Podcast 249 (2/28/15)

New show up. We pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy with special guests Jesse Graff (Spock) and Adam Rosko (Kirk) from Trek in the Park. We discuss the man’s great contribution to pop culture, how he and his cast mates pretty mu...
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Podcast 248 (2/21/15)

New podcast. Sorry for the delay, but we don’t deal with terrorists. This episode Mikey breaks down the bullshit behind the Wheel of Time pilot that aired last week, Allen gives you the news, and we still don’t budg...
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Podcast 247 (2/14/15)

We’re back after taking a week off, which means a lot of big news stories. Mikey delves into the depths of Highlander, and we discuss whether or not Spider-Man coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in fact a good thi...
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