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Business Time

Taking a break from our break to give you a show. Many of us have the experience of running, or desire to start a business, or a project of our own. Joining us to talk about the joys and struggles of running your own business is the owner of The Nerd Out, Mitch Gillan, and […]

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Ibrahim Moustafa returns for a special episode. It’s inevitable with the human condition that we’re going to at some point, or often, deal with depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental pain. We decided to do an episode sharing our experiences with it, and what has helped us overcome things. NOTE: We are not mental […]

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We went to London. Now we’re back. This episode, we cover our adventure in detail from the Tower of London to Stonehenge. To download, right click and select “save as” HERE!!!

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Avengers: Infinity War/Deadpool 2

We missed a week because we straight up forgot, but we decided to record our thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War, and Deadpool 2 before we left for London. Somehow our settings got messed up again, so the recording is a little off, but we’ll get it figured out by next time. To download, right click […]

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Catching Up

Joining us this week for some catching up is show favorite, Ibrahim Moustafa. We of course catch up with what he’s been up to, but we also talk about the importance of keeping in touch as we get older, the role social media plays in it (good and bad), where we see that technology going, […]

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This episode we talk about Adaptation. What makes a good adaptation? What makes a bad one? Is the book really better than the movie? Joining us is writer David Walker (Luke Cage, Planet of the Apes, Shaft), and podcaster John Campbell (Panel on Panels). To download, right click and select “save as” HERE!!!

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Toxic Fan Culture

This episode, we tackle the topic of toxic fan culture, how it is born, and how to combat it. Joining us for the episode is social media expert, Aaron Colter (Rose City Comic Con), and writer, Christoper Sebela (High Crimes, Welcome Back). To download, right click and select “save as” HERE!!!




Episode 004 of NERDFIGHT is now up and ready to make your ears bleed. Hit the link if you’re ready for pain. NERDFIGHT 004
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Podcast 54

We’re looking for writers.  Listen for me details and if you’re interested email me at  We also review Tron Legacy.  Music from Asteroid M, Icarus The Owl and Weezer. http://blip.t...
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Podcast 221

New show up. We start out by discussing stupid shit white people do. We then move onto nerd news, what got us into comics, what got us into X-Men, and how the haters can go to hell because the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles m...
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OMGpistolsatdawn “Fan Art Contest”

OMGpistolsatdawn “Fan Art Contest”

Cole is looking for some original fan art. He explains the details of the contest in his latest video, and to sweeten the deal he is offering up a neat prize. All submissions must be emailed to by ...
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Podcast 007

Podcast 007

Shaken” not Stirred. audio version
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Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2007 Bioware game hit shelves this last week for the X-Box 360 and PC. Did the game live up to the hype? It’s no secret that I’m a Bioware fanboy. Knights of the Old Republic, Dr...
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