Podcast 224

So much crammed into this week’s show. We have demonic possession, a guest call from Biollante, Power Rangers movie news, Marvel shakes things up in the right way, movie news, and so much more. To download, right click an...
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The new all-black NERDFIGHT is now up. Follow the jump HERE!!! and download it now!!!
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The Life and Death of a Nerd: Chapter 1

When this website was started, in my arrogance and delusions of grandeur, I felt that I had some sort of important and wise voice to add to the myriad of things in pop culture that so many of us worship as one would a deity. At...
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Podcast 163

Podcast!!! Back in the studio this week with guest host, Bobby Roberts (Welcome To That Whole Thing). We talk about blackface cosplay, Orson Scott Card is kind of a piece of shit, DC’s inability to make themselves look go...
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Ultimate Marvel Avengers

Podcast 246 (1/31/2015)

Podcast time!!! Just Allen and Mikey this week, but that’s okay. After the nerd news we give our fond goodbyes to the Ultimate Marvel Universe. We discuss how it started, the impact it had on comics/film, our favorite sto...
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