Podcast 125

PODCAST!!! Matt Grigsby and Jonah Rose join us this week as we get into the “issue” of gay superheroes. We go over what’s hot in nerd news and at some point it devolves into talking shit about religion. So bas...
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Podcast 226

New podcast. We’re back in the Funemployment studios, and Ibrahim is back from SDCC. We talk about Ibrahim’s journey, how he was nearly killed, and how he hates disabled people. We touch on some nerd news, how great...
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Podcast 199

Podcast that will never end. We review this toothy blow job of a year in entertainment, talk shit to each other, argue over Tokyo Drift, figure out DC’s planning strategy, and go way too long. To download, right click and...
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This episode is…more than meets the eye. I’m sorry. I’ll never do that again. We talk about the history of the franchise, how the hell it survived, our experiences with it, and its secret to success. To downlo...
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