Mark Waid

This is so over due, and I give a full explanation in the opening, but I’m back to semi-regularly posting interviews. This is one that I was so excited to do (and you can tell). Mark Waid is the man behind some of the bes...
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New all music themed NERDFIGHT now up. Head on over and take a listen to all it’s rage filled glory. Follow the jump HERE!!!
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Podcast 221

New show up. We start out by discussing stupid shit white people do. We then move onto nerd news, what got us into comics, what got us into X-Men, and how the haters can go to hell because the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles m...
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Podcast 164

New Podcast!!! Ibrahim gets older and Mikey is just old. We return to reviewing comics, talk a bit about Kickstarter, babble about the news, and have an all around good time. We review Legend of the Shadow Clan, Batman and Robi...
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Podcast 256 (5/16/15)

What’s up, Power Rangers? In this episode we talk about the horrid nature of modern medicine, how the Matrix is really cool (if you didn’t already know that), all the finales and trailers that dropped, the new Super...
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