Podcast 296 (4/16/16)

Another extra large show as we approach the final episode. Co-Founder of CotN, Dan Jones joins us along with former CotN producer Bobby Roberts. We talk about the superhero film “bubble”, nerd culture, and the impac...
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Podcast 150!!!

Can you believe we made 150 of these things. Dan Jones, one of the original nerds, joins us to take a look back on the days of yore for this fair site. We talk breakfast food, how James Bond is a rapist, past site members that ...
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Podcast 151

New podcast! It’s the morning after the final cortandfatboy show. Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts joins us to receive our praise, talk more shit about James Bond, discover Christopher Lambert’s secret origin, rec...
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Podcast 240

Mikey watched all of Newsroom this week, so it’s basically an episode where we complain about the media, racism, terrorists, and misinformation. I think we also talk about comics at some point. To download, right click an...
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Podcast 230

We need to get this waking up in the morning thing down. After a late start we do a show. Some things are talked about, revelations are made. In all honesty, I don’t remember a single thing we talked about and I’m t...
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