Podcast 239

We’re back after taking a few weeks off. We get caught up on all the news you may have missed over the last few weeks, but the real heart of the episode is discussing the media view of comics favoring that of the writer o...
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Podcast 156

Podcast!!! Mikey’s out this week, but replacing him is none other then the great Bobby Roberts. I haven’t heard it yet, but apparently they talk about poop and are all over the place. So…a regular episode. To ...
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Podcast 181

Podcast time! We talk a lot about TV randomly at first, but I assure you that it eventually starts sounding like a show. The topic for the day is comic event fatigue and how you can treat it, plus a review of Elysium. To downlo...
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Podcast 211

Great show this week. We go into Amazon buying Comixology, Ibrahim is an angel, DC may not be having a cinematic universe, then we just nerd out about what the event of Captain America 2 mean for the entire Marvel cinematic uni...
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Podcast 272 (10/3/15)

On this episode of Chronicles of the Nerds: Mikey spirals deeper into the arms of One Direction, more animals are evolving to kill us, everything is becoming a TV show, and less is better when it comes to TV. To download, right...
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