Podcast 110

The gang gets blasphemous. We’re joined this week by Switch from Dangerous Kids. We bring you your nerds news and talk about the recent rights dispute over Ghost Rider and get a little serious about what some of us are do...
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Dangerous Kids Podcast 65

Mikey got to hang out this week as a guest with the Dangerous Kids. We talk about Batman, video games, how cool we all are and embarrassing stories. Mikey also finally busts out his AKAs. Check it out HERE!!!
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Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet

Head on over to Comic CONversations to hear my new interview with the creators of Boilerplate and Frank Reade: Adventure in the Age of Invention, Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett. Check it out HERE!!!
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Nerdfight 2: Rage Quit

NERDFIGHT II: Rage Quit is now live. Hop on over to nerdfight.us and download it now. Be sure to subcribe and review on iTunes.
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Podcast 109

Mikey is out for the first time ever this week but that doesn’t stop us from keeping it real. Of course, the topic of the week is all about Watchmen. Reviews of the new issues of Winter Soldier, Animal Man, Locke and Key ...
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