Podcast 238

We’re back after taking a week off. We talk about Mikey’s bloody noses, the Funemployment listener party, all the casting news for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and X-Men: Apocalypse, Luther getting a remake, who should...
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Podcast 174

PODCAST!!! We apologize for the unforeseen sound issues. Bobby Roberts joins us today two talk about the only things that mattered this week; E3 and Man of Steel. There’s a lot of thoughts. LOTS. To download, right click ...
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Podcast 234

Great show today. Brandee Rose joins us again to make fun of us for talking about girls issues without any actual girls, which is fair. We talk all about New York City Comic Con news, movie rumors like Brainiac being the Justic...
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Podcast 251 (3-21-2015)

We’re back after taking a week off to film some stuff for Kielen King. This week we talk about all the new shows that launched (iZombie, Powers, Community, etc), Mikey is becoming a Shaft expert, review Chappie, make the ...
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Podcast 193

New Podcast! On this episode it’s all about movies and television as we discuss in depth both Marvel and DC’s attempts at taking over both mediums. What are they doing right, what are they doing wrong, what should t...
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