Podcast 109

Mikey is out for the first time ever this week but that doesn’t stop us from keeping it real. Of course, the topic of the week is all about Watchmen. Reviews of the new issues of Winter Soldier, Animal Man, Locke and Key ...
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Podcast 152

New Podcast!!! We traded Allen for Big Jim Willig of the Big and Loud Podcast and the Doubleclicks. We got a pretty good deal. We talk about how awesome the Ewok movies are, more James Bond, review the Hobbit, news, A few songs...
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The new episode of NERDFIGHT is up. Follow the link for all your geeky rage HERE!!!
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Podcast 215

Chronicles of working at Hollywood Video this week, which somehow transitions into actual comic talk. We review Godzilla, The finales of Arrow and Agents of SHIELD, and give you all your Didja Knows. To download, right click an...
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Podcast 243 (1/10/15)

Good day, nerds. This weeks episode sees us reunited with Aaron Duran (Geek in the City Radio). We go through all your weekly nerd news, review Agent Carter, and have a great discussion about role playing games, what got us int...
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