Podcast 149

Podcast!!! Well shit, this episode is all over the place and awesome because of it. Skyfall, Blood and Chrome, Alphas, Lost…It all gets eaten up here. Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts joins us to get the roof blown off ...
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Podcast 200!!!

Podcast! We are 200 episodes old. Joining us this episode is one of the OGNs Dan Jones. Also joining us is special guest Grant Morrison to talk about his take on Star Wars. Thanks everyone for listening much longer than you sho...
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Podcast 230

We need to get this waking up in the morning thing down. After a late start we do a show. Some things are talked about, revelations are made. In all honesty, I don’t remember a single thing we talked about and I’m t...
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Podcast 293 (3/19/2016)

Mikey is back from vacation with tales of thrilling adventure from St Louis. Mostly he talks about their comic shops. We also talk about how dope Daredevil season 2 is. To download, right click and select “save as” ...
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Podcast 288 (2/6/16)

Great show this week. Singer Matt Koenig from Young Turks, Pause, and formally Broadway Calls joins us. He and Mikey hop into the way machine and talk about their old music scene, Matt talks about what it’s like be a prof...
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