Podcast 240

Mikey watched all of Newsroom this week, so it’s basically an episode where we complain about the media, racism, terrorists, and misinformation. I think we also talk about comics at some point. To download, right click an...
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Podcast 215

Chronicles of working at Hollywood Video this week, which somehow transitions into actual comic talk. We review Godzilla, The finales of Arrow and Agents of SHIELD, and give you all your Didja Knows. To download, right click an...
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how to piss off nerds

Podcast 155

The podcast is back!!! On top of that, Nate’s first return to the show in almost 2 years. It’s another episode that’s all over the place, but it’s all great. We talk nerd news, Zero Dark Thirty, shitty c...
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Podcast 190

Podcast!!! First show in our new home at the Funemployment Radio Network. Joining us this show is our friend Kielen King, the Start Pilot himself. We start off with some nerd news, then talk about the gritty realism with comic ...
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Podcast 217

New episode. Ibrahim is out this week, so we brought on good friend and designer at Dark Horse Comics Jimmy Presler to the show. We talk about some upcoming projects he’s working on, all the nerd news of the week, and get...
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