Daredevil - 201 - The Day the Devil Didn't Dare! - 20

Podcast 236

Everyone is sick this week, but that doesn’t stop Allen and Mikey from nerding out about all the movie news that’s dropped over the last week. Really, that’s about all we talk about. To download, right click a...
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Podcast 176

Podcast!!! It’s a long one. Bobby Roberts joins us this week where we basically try to figure out if we’re okay with the direction that superhero movies are going in. We analyze the last 35 years of superhero films,...
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Ibrahim Moustafa returns for a special episode. It’s inevitable with the human condition that we’re going to at some point, or often, deal with depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental pain. We decided to do a...
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Podcast 139 (Rose City Comic-Con)

Podcast!!! After day one of Rose City Comic-Con we lie victorious on the field of glory. This episode is all about how awesome the show was and how excited we are to go back for Sunday. If you couldn’t make it this year, ...
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Podcast 290 (2/20/2016)

It’s showtime. This week it’s all about the world’s response to Deadpool, DC: Rebirth, rewatches of the Bourne and Mission: Impossible series’, a review of Power Man and Iron Fist, half the Bond movies s...
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