Nerdfight 2: Rage Quit

NERDFIGHT II: Rage Quit is now live. Hop on over to nerdfight.us and download it now. Be sure to subcribe and review on iTunes.
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Podcast 258 (6/6/2015)

We’re back after taking a week off. We talk about The O Comic Con, The Everything Is Festival, and Mikey’s interview with The Salute Your Shorts cast. We review Tomorrowland and Entourage, talk about the support Mik...
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Are Superheroes Dying?

It’s hard to not hear this living in Portland, the hub of comic creativity in the known universe. Superheroes are dying, folks. I don’t mean that individual characters are going to pass on just to come back in a few years w...
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Podcast 238

We’re back after taking a week off. We talk about Mikey’s bloody noses, the Funemployment listener party, all the casting news for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and X-Men: Apocalypse, Luther getting a remake, who should...
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Podcast 130

Mikey doesn’t like podcasting anymore. On this episode Allen and Ibrahim are big jerks, We talk a bit more about the Amazing Spider-Man, we get into the nitty and the gritty of Marvel NOW, talk about your nerd news and re...
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