Podcast 156

Podcast!!! Mikey’s out this week, but replacing him is none other then the great Bobby Roberts. I haven’t heard it yet, but apparently they talk about poop and are all over the place. So…a regular episode. To ...
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Funemployment Radio #826

We were on Funemployment Radio today. Check it out HERE!!!
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Podcast 177

New Podcast! It’s just Mikey and Allen in the living room this week. While it’s a shorter episode, a lot happens. We talk about Image Expo, Rose City Comic Con, Mikey raps, some announcements, and more. To download,...
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bitching 1

Podcast 176

Podcast!!! It’s a long one. Bobby Roberts joins us this week where we basically try to figure out if we’re okay with the direction that superhero movies are going in. We analyze the last 35 years of superhero films,...
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The Life and Death of a Nerd: Chapter 3

Click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2. Where we last left our hero, I was couch surfing, trying to figure out how I was going to get into college now that I was 18 with the carpet ripped right out from underneath me. Given...
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