Podcast 92

Cole’s back!!! This is the last podcast in the current HQ. We go into the DCNU for the last time, give you your nerd news, review the newest from the ultimate comics, X-Men Destiny and the Kindle Fire, and give you music ...
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Podcast 158

Podcast!!! This episode features a story that’s 10,000 years in the making…urrrhhhhh, 2 and a half actually, and Mikey and Allen further analyze their relationship. To download right click and select “save as&...
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Podcast 151

New podcast! It’s the morning after the final cortandfatboy show. Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts joins us to receive our praise, talk more shit about James Bond, discover Christopher Lambert’s secret origin, rec...
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Podcast 252 (4/4/15)

We’re back from Emerald City Comicon and bring you coverage from three different points of view, Mikey comes back from the future to tell you how good the Summer movies were, Hollywood was racist long before Exodus, The O...
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Podcast 100!!!

We finally did it. 100 podcasts and it feels so good. It’s a day of reflection, a day of joy, a day for dancing, a day of dick jokes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fights. Asteroid M jumps in, Cole Dixon makes a return ...
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