Your NERDFIGHTERS: Mikey Neilson (Chronicles of the Nerds), Kiala Kazebee (Nerdist), Kielen King (Geek in the City), Carolyn Main (Sex Wizards), Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor), Ibrahim Moustafa (Chronicles of the Nerds, The Pou...
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Kneel Before Pod II Panel from Wonder NW

Mikey was recently on the Kneel Before Pod II panel from Wonder NW talking about why he podcast and how to piece together an audience. Also on the panel was Dawn Taylor (Ham Fisted Radio), Robert Wagner (cascadia.fm), Jamie Jef...
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Podcast 136

Podcast!!! The show is all over the place at the beginning because there’s so much awesome we have to tackle. After that we talk about our sickness as comic book fans and how on some level we’re legitimately insane....
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Podcast 126

Podcast happy fun time. We’re joined by Ryan “Seacrest” Reid and Sean “Bad Wolfe” Wynn. We talk about how horrible E3 was, how disappointing Prometheus was, your nerd news, and all the crazy things...
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Podcast 234

Great show today. Brandee Rose joins us again to make fun of us for talking about girls issues without any actual girls, which is fair. We talk all about New York City Comic Con news, movie rumors like Brainiac being the Justic...
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