Podcast 233

On this weeks episode we go into just how white Mikey really is, talk about all the nerd news of the week, let you know about the Kickstarter for a Brief History of Time Travel, and finally take on an issue that ignites our ner...
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Podcast 89

In this podcast we learn that Allen is the victim of abuse, we review Attack the Block and compare it to Super 8, we review Action Comics, Detective Comics, Swamp Thing and Green River Killer, bring you your nerd news and provi...
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Podcast 239

We’re back after taking a few weeks off. We get caught up on all the news you may have missed over the last few weeks, but the real heart of the episode is discussing the media view of comics favoring that of the writer o...
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The Life and Death of a Nerd: Chapter 1

When this website was started, in my arrogance and delusions of grandeur, I felt that I had some sort of important and wise voice to add to the myriad of things in pop culture that so many of us worship as one would a deity. At...
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Daredevil - 201 - The Day the Devil Didn't Dare! - 20

Podcast 236

Everyone is sick this week, but that doesn’t stop Allen and Mikey from nerding out about all the movie news that’s dropped over the last week. Really, that’s about all we talk about. To download, right click a...
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