Podcast 173

Regardless of what we say, this is podcast 173. It’s been a while since we’ve all been in the studio together, so we fumble from topic to topic until we land on making fun of the old Superman movies. We do the news,...
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Podcast 156

Podcast!!! Mikey’s out this week, but replacing him is none other then the great Bobby Roberts. I haven’t heard it yet, but apparently they talk about poop and are all over the place. So…a regular episode. To ...
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Podcast 184

Podcast!!! Joining us this week are Ron Brister and Dave Brockway, founders of the Rose City Comic Con. We get down on why this will be the greatest convention Portland has ever seen. We also talk your nerd news and review the ...
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Podcast 206

We’re back!!! Ibrahim betrays us, we get cookies, major publisher starts seeing what we’ve been saying for years, new Matrix trilogy, Flash mask, news, and so much more. To download, right click and select “sa...
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Podcast 272 (10/3/15)

On this episode of Chronicles of the Nerds: Mikey spirals deeper into the arms of One Direction, more animals are evolving to kill us, everything is becoming a TV show, and less is better when it comes to TV. To download, right...
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