This episode is…more than meets the eye. I’m sorry. I’ll never do that again. We talk about the history of the franchise, how the hell it survived, our experiences with it, and its secret to success. To downlo...
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Podcast 133 (Power Rangers Special)

We’ve talked about doing it for a long time and it’s finally here. The all Power Rangers episode of Chronicles of the Nerds. We’re joined by Power Rangers super fans, Matt Grigsby and Ryan “Seacrest̶...
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Podcast 127

PODCAST!!! We derail in the most beautiful way. Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts joins us as we talk about Leia’s comic, The Legend of Bold Riley, how a person can blow 1.5 million dollars, DC be fucking up, and Allen s...
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Podcast 126

Podcast happy fun time. We’re joined by Ryan “Seacrest” Reid and Sean “Bad Wolfe” Wynn. We talk about how horrible E3 was, how disappointing Prometheus was, your nerd news, and all the crazy things...
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Podcast 258 (6/6/2015)

We’re back after taking a week off. We talk about The O Comic Con, The Everything Is Festival, and Mikey’s interview with The Salute Your Shorts cast. We review Tomorrowland and Entourage, talk about the support Mik...
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