Podcast 272 (10/3/15)

On this episode of Chronicles of the Nerds: Mikey spirals deeper into the arms of One Direction, more animals are evolving to kill us, everything is becoming a TV show, and less is better when it comes to TV. To download, right...
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Podcast 128

Podcast time. This week we have Big Jim Willig and Don Frost of the Big and Loud Podcast and cortandfatboy joining us for what might be the funniest show we’ve ever done. If you have trouble breathing or a heart condition...
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Podcast 186

We’re back with a new podcast. After we discuss a solution to the very real diamond crisis and give you your didja knows, we go into everything that you can expect from the Rose City Comic Con, as well as discuss the prop...
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Christos Gage Interview

There’s a new Comic CONversations interview up with writer Christos Gage. He’s currently writing Angel and Faith, Avengers Academy and X-Men Legacy. We talk about how he got into comics, what it’s like working...
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Ultimate Marvel Avengers

Podcast 246 (1/31/2015)

Podcast time!!! Just Allen and Mikey this week, but that’s okay. After the nerd news we give our fond goodbyes to the Ultimate Marvel Universe. We discuss how it started, the impact it had on comics/film, our favorite sto...
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