Podcast 143

Podcast!!! We’re back, bitches. Terry Blas joins us today to talk about his webcomic, Briar Hollow, and his podcast, Gnerd. We get mad at Romney for messing with Friday Night Lights. We talk your nerd news and review Take...
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Podcast 108

We take it down a peg this episode and get serious with the topic of internet piracy. No, we don’t join in on the endless bitching about SOPA and PIPA, but instead talk about the serious pros and cons that piracy has on a...
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Podcast 240

Mikey watched all of Newsroom this week, so it’s basically an episode where we complain about the media, racism, terrorists, and misinformation. I think we also talk about comics at some point. To download, right click an...
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Podcast 114

So much nerd news this week. We talk about the Brazilian Batman, Simpsons, Daredevil and so much more. We bring you reviews of Pride of Baghdad, Avengers: Children’s Crusade, and Silent Dragon. Music from Rocky Loves Emil...
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Podcast 152

New Podcast!!! We traded Allen for Big Jim Willig of the Big and Loud Podcast and the Doubleclicks. We got a pretty good deal. We talk about how awesome the Ewok movies are, more James Bond, review the Hobbit, news, A few songs...
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