Podcast 141

Podcast!!! We’re joined this week by Rick, Toby and Chuck of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo to talk about their freaking awesome show that’s happening September 29th and 30th at the Oregon Convention Center. If you&...
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Podcast 280 (11/28/2015)

It’s a podcast. This week Mikey spent a lot of time in Middle-Earth. The boys saw Creed. Allen tries to save the innocents from important life experiences. Flowers can smell like dead ass. Jessica Jones was REALLY good. D...
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Podcast 286 (1/23/16)

Joining us on the show today is our good buddy Benja Barker to talk about his new play, Explorers of the Quantum Doorway. We then get into reimagining of character and what makes them work/don’t work. We also talk about t...
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Podcast 208

Podcast time!!! Superman vs Captain America, New DC Moba, Kyle and Yost are back on X-Men, new Flash costume, and where is the new proving ground for the comics industry. To download, right click and select “save as”...
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Toxic Fan Culture

This episode, we tackle the topic of toxic fan culture, how it is born, and how to combat it. Joining us for the episode is social media expert, Aaron Colter (Rose City Comic Con), and writer, Christoper Sebela (High Crimes, We...
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