Podcasting Panel (Live From Wonder NW)

No podcast this week, but Mikey was on the podcasting panel at Wonder NW, moderated by Dawn Taylor (Ham-Fisted Radio). Hopefully this will hold you over until next week. Follow the link HERE!!!
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Podcast 110

The gang gets blasphemous. We’re joined this week by Switch from Dangerous Kids. We bring you your nerds news and talk about the recent rights dispute over Ghost Rider and get a little serious about what some of us are do...
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Podcast 197

Hello listeners. Great show this week. Aaron Duran of Geek in the City joins us this week. We talk about professional wrestling, didja knows, and have an in depth conversation about breaking into the comics industry. An incredi...
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Album Review: Search/Party: Learn To Speak

I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to review this record when the opportunity presented itself. It had nothing to do with what I predicted the quality would be, or that I’m friends with the band members, but because I a...
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Podcast 239

We’re back after taking a few weeks off. We get caught up on all the news you may have missed over the last few weeks, but the real heart of the episode is discussing the media view of comics favoring that of the writer o...
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