Podcast 201

Podcast time! Ibrahim’s out doing a figure skating competition this week, but Mikey and Allen bring it hard. We got news from Image Expo, we got the new Ultimate Universe, we got movie rumors, and we got Star Wars, Star W...
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The Life and Death of a Nerd: Chapter 1

When this website was started, in my arrogance and delusions of grandeur, I felt that I had some sort of important and wise voice to add to the myriad of things in pop culture that so many of us worship as one would a deity. At...
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Podcast 212

Welcome to the show. Joining us this week is artist Carl Sciacchitano (The Army of Dr. Moreau). We announce the winner of our contest, argue with Carl about Captain America: The Winder Soldier, shame nerd culture, review The Ra...
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Podcast 105

First official podcast of the new year. The gangs all here and were joined by Andrew Hill of Caveman Medicine where we discuss Star Wars XXX, the Nerd Fight, tips to beating insomnia and bring you comic reviews of Habibi, Black...
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Podcast 288 (2/6/16)

Great show this week. Singer Matt Koenig from Young Turks, Pause, and formally Broadway Calls joins us. He and Mikey hop into the way machine and talk about their old music scene, Matt talks about what it’s like be a prof...
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