Podcast 181

Podcast time! We talk a lot about TV randomly at first, but I assure you that it eventually starts sounding like a show. The topic for the day is comic event fatigue and how you can treat it, plus a review of Elysium. To downlo...
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Podcast 275 (10/24/2015)

New show. We talk Star Wars trailer, review The Last Witch Hunter, get into the conspiracy of #boycottepisodeVII, why conservatives see themselves in The Sons of the Serpents, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best mov...
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Live Wire Radio Episode 231

Recently Mikey was on Live Wire Radio with comics legend, Brain Michael Bendis. Check out the full episode HERE!!!
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Podcast 107

This show becomes our most insane show ever starting from the second you press play. Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts joins us this week to pretty much blow up everything you know about the show and to laugh at us during the ...
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Podcast 124 (Wonder NW)

PODCAST!!! We’re recording live from the floor of Wonder NW. It was loud and awesome. We have Ashton Tallmadge from Delta!Bravo, David Gerber of Asteroid M and Kielen King of Geek in the City. We talk about how awesome th...
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