Podcast 252 (4/4/15)

We’re back from Emerald City Comicon and bring you coverage from three different points of view, Mikey comes back from the future to tell you how good the Summer movies were, Hollywood was racist long before Exodus, The O...
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The new NERDFIGHT is now up. Hit the link and check it the hell out HERE!!!
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Podcast 96

I know Tom Cruise is fast, but this podcast is freaking awesome. We discuss the importance of involving comic creators in adaptations, talk about the most recent nerd news, review the new issues of Ultimates, Wolverine and the ...
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Podcast 108

We take it down a peg this episode and get serious with the topic of internet piracy. No, we don’t join in on the endless bitching about SOPA and PIPA, but instead talk about the serious pros and cons that piracy has on a...
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Podcast 118

Allen and Mikey double dragon this episode. We talk about all the news from C2E2, Avengers movie news, Mikey’s adventures in testing in the middle of nowhere, the awesomeness of Power Rangers, and review the new issues of...
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