Podcast 202

New Podcast!!! Michael Douglas is Hank Pym, Man of Steel sequel delayed 10 months, DC comics is shaking a lot of books up, Ibrahim has the strongest butt hole, Mikey steps up his AKA game, Allen likes things that aren’t f...
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Podcast 248 (2/21/15)

New podcast. Sorry for the delay, but we don’t deal with terrorists. This episode Mikey breaks down the bullshit behind the Wheel of Time pilot that aired last week, Allen gives you the news, and we still don’t budg...
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Podcast 217

New episode. Ibrahim is out this week, so we brought on good friend and designer at Dark Horse Comics Jimmy Presler to the show. We talk about some upcoming projects he’s working on, all the nerd news of the week, and get...
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Podcast 133 (Power Rangers Special)

We’ve talked about doing it for a long time and it’s finally here. The all Power Rangers episode of Chronicles of the Nerds. We’re joined by Power Rangers super fans, Matt Grigsby and Ryan “Seacrest̶...
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Podcast 239

We’re back after taking a few weeks off. We get caught up on all the news you may have missed over the last few weeks, but the real heart of the episode is discussing the media view of comics favoring that of the writer o...
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