The new episode of NERDFIGHT is up. Follow the link for all your geeky rage HERE!!!
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Podcast 222

Great show this week. We have artist/podcaster Terry Blas (Briar Hollow, Gnerd podcast) with us after too long away. We talk about Batman V Superman news/rumor, the Flash Pilot, All the movies coming out over the next few years...
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Podcast 103

Finally, an alcohol free podcast. Dan Jones returns and steps in for Allen, we investigate Super Mario conspiracy theories, dancing with predators, Leia’s nicotine withdrawals place everyone in danger, comic reviews of th...
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The Life and Death of a Nerd: Chapter 2

For chapter 1 and why I’m doing this, click HERE!!! Heading into middle school for me was kind of weird. See, while I was still playing with X-Men action figures, watching Power Rangers, and mastering every Mortal Kombat ...
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Podcast 98

Podcast time!!! In this episode we create the worst Kool-Aid flavors, Mikey is recruited to be a superhero, we report on the nerd news that effects you, we review the Avenging Spider-Man, Blammo, and Ultimate Spider-Man. Music ...
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