Podcast 113

So much gets crammed into this episode. We start out with a nice nerd news base, then we smother the conversation in topic of comics as a legitimate medium, sprinkle in talk of 3 Ninjas and Surf Ninjas, and provide a side of re...
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Podcast 291 (2/27/16)

This week’s Chronicles of the Nerds: Urinals are too tall. Nerds are cynical, ungrateful shits. Mikey has an idea for the next Batman film, with Tom Cruise as the villain. Casting new for Iron Fist, and Daredevil hype. Re...
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Podcast 257 (5/23/15)

Today on Chronicles of the Nerds; Screw those assholes from High School. The finales of Flash and Arrow. Supergirl was pretty good. Simon Pegg is right and you need to grow the hell up. Game of Thrones needs to stop raping peop...
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Podcast 127

PODCAST!!! We derail in the most beautiful way. Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts joins us as we talk about Leia’s comic, The Legend of Bold Riley, how a person can blow 1.5 million dollars, DC be fucking up, and Allen s...
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The Amazing Spider-Man Review

The Amazing Spider-Man came out in theaters this week so Mikey and Allen sat down with Kenna Conklin of Geek Portland and Matt Grigsby of Grigsgaggleby and Extra/Ordinary do figure out how we felt about it. Listen up. To downlo...
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