The Life and Death of a Nerd: Chapter 1

When this website was started, in my arrogance and delusions of grandeur, I felt that I had some sort of important and wise voice to add to the myriad of things in pop culture that so many of us worship as one would a deity. At...
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Podcasting Panel (Live From Wonder NW)

No podcast this week, but Mikey was on the podcasting panel at Wonder NW, moderated by Dawn Taylor (Ham-Fisted Radio). Hopefully this will hold you over until next week. Follow the link HERE!!!
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Podcast 219

New podcast. Ibrahim ages 50 years, We talk about the Geek Olympathon next weekend, sooooooooo much DC movie news, and all your didja knows. To download, right click and select “save as” HERE!!! Subscribe, rate, and...
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Podcast 136

Podcast!!! The show is all over the place at the beginning because there’s so much awesome we have to tackle. After that we talk about our sickness as comic book fans and how on some level we’re legitimately insane....
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The new episode of NERDFIGHT is live. Follow the link HERE!!! for your fill of monthly rage.
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