Podcast 173

Regardless of what we say, this is podcast 173. It’s been a while since we’ve all been in the studio together, so we fumble from topic to topic until we land on making fun of the old Superman movies. We do the news,...
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Podcast 214

We’re back after taking a week off, and boy was there news that dropped. We report on all the news, movies, shows, and comics we can come up with. We also joined later on by a very special guest, Biollante DaMonsta. He di...
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Podcast 177

New Podcast! It’s just Mikey and Allen in the living room this week. While it’s a shorter episode, a lot happens. We talk about Image Expo, Rose City Comic Con, Mikey raps, some announcements, and more. To download,...
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Podcast 291 (2/27/16)

This week’s Chronicles of the Nerds: Urinals are too tall. Nerds are cynical, ungrateful shits. Mikey has an idea for the next Batman film, with Tom Cruise as the villain. Casting new for Iron Fist, and Daredevil hype. Re...
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Podcast 234

Great show today. Brandee Rose joins us again to make fun of us for talking about girls issues without any actual girls, which is fair. We talk all about New York City Comic Con news, movie rumors like Brainiac being the Justic...
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