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Podcast 165

PODCAST!!! Great episode this week. We’re joined by Funemployment Radio’s Sarah X Dylan and Greg Nibler. We talk about the origin of their show, spooky ghost stories, the power of an Ant-Man, DC scaring away their t...
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Podcast 282 (12/19/15)

This episode is all about Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Conley Smith and Jimmy Pressler join us to talk about every detail of the new film. There is literally nothing but spoilers in this episode, so before ...
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Podcast 241

It’s the end of the year, so time for our top 10. This year we don’t do a list of anything specific, just the 10 best things to us. Let us know what you’re top 10 is. Thanks for sticking with us another year. ...
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YOUR NERDFIGHTERS: Mikey Neilson (Chronicles of the Nerds, Comic Conversations, Extra/Ordinary) Terry Blas (Briar Hollow, the Gnerd Podcast) Tom Shimmin (Marketing/Promotions Oni Comics, Delta Bravo) Joelle Jones (You Have Kill...
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how to piss off nerds

Podcast 155

The podcast is back!!! On top of that, Nate’s first return to the show in almost 2 years. It’s another episode that’s all over the place, but it’s all great. We talk nerd news, Zero Dark Thirty, shitty c...
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