Podcast 213

New podcast!!! Joining us this week is Kyle Yount of Kaijucast, the biggest Godzilla podcast in the world. We talk all about Godzilla and all his rubber suited foes. We also have Allen fulfill his end of our recent contest. Of ...
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Podcast 269 (9/5/15)

New Show!!! Polar bears will murder us all, Spielberg is absolutely correct, Magneto joined the Black Panther Party, and Mikey and Allen put together their dream X-Men teams. To download, right click and select “save as&#...
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Podcast 140

Podcast!!! We’re joined this week by the amazing, the funny, the smart, the beautiful, Kiala Kazebee of Vaginal Fantasy and The Nerdist. We talk Friday Night Lights, some nerd news, Rose City Comic-Con wrap up and the ret...
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Podcast 219

New podcast. Ibrahim ages 50 years, We talk about the Geek Olympathon next weekend, sooooooooo much DC movie news, and all your didja knows. To download, right click and select “save as” HERE!!! Subscribe, rate, and...
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Podcast 231

It’s too hot in the studio, but we grit our teeth through it for you. Terry Blas joins us again to talk about Boise’s Library Comic Con, we cover all the nerd news, fight about Korra, talk about PAX, and go into all...
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