Podcast 149

Podcast!!! Well shit, this episode is all over the place and awesome because of it. Skyfall, Blood and Chrome, Alphas, Lost…It all gets eaten up here. Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts joins us to get the roof blown off ...
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Podcast 173

Regardless of what we say, this is podcast 173. It’s been a while since we’ve all been in the studio together, so we fumble from topic to topic until we land on making fun of the old Superman movies. We do the news,...
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Podcast 277 (11/7/15)

New podcast. Mikey will take care of troublesome elderly folks, more killer animals, nerd news, Rocky-a-thon, review of Spectre, and comic reviews of James Bond 007 and Uncanny X-Men 600. To download, right click and select ...
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Podcast 113

So much gets crammed into this episode. We start out with a nice nerd news base, then we smother the conversation in topic of comics as a legitimate medium, sprinkle in talk of 3 Ninjas and Surf Ninjas, and provide a side of re...
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Podcast 189

Podcast! This week is all about New York Comic Con. All the announcements, shenanigans, and travesties that have come out of that show. At the end we make a special announcement that we will be joining the Funemployment Radio N...
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