NERDFIGHT 005 (Live From Wonder NW)

The newest episode of NERDFIGHT is now up. Follow the link HERE and put it in your ears.
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Podcast 255 (5/9/15)

Hello, nerds. This week Allen gets his dick back, Mikey reviews Batman: Earth One Vol. 2, we give you your didja knows, review Avengers: Age of Ultron, talk about he future of the MCU, and Ibrahim read some things. To download,...
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Podcast 135

PODCAST!!! Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts drops in to talk about about his new show “Geek Remixed”, hip hop, and everything right and wrong about superhero movies and DC animated. Giggidy. To download right clic...
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Podcast 221

New show up. We start out by discussing stupid shit white people do. We then move onto nerd news, what got us into comics, what got us into X-Men, and how the haters can go to hell because the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles m...
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Nerdfight 15 (Live From Wonder NW)

YOUR NERDFIGHTERS: Mikey Neilson (Chronicles of the Nerds), Leia Weathington (The Legend of Bold Riley, A Happy Go Lucky Podcast), Dawn Taylor (Ham-Fisted Radio), Jesse Graff (Trek in the Park), Ibrahim Moustafa (High Crimes, C...
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