Podcast 188

Podcast. The episode is all over the place in a good way. Everything from why Batman and Robin is better than Batman Returns, to the most iconic nerd vehicle. We finally settle in and talk about what makes a good ending to a TV...
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Podcast 269 (9/5/15)

New Show!!! Polar bears will murder us all, Spielberg is absolutely correct, Magneto joined the Black Panther Party, and Mikey and Allen put together their dream X-Men teams. To download, right click and select “save as&#...
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Podcast 225

With Ibrahim down in San Diego at the Eisners, we have a special episode where we reunite with Bobby Robert (Welcome to that Whole Thing), and Ryan “Seacrest” Reid. Bobby has a few surprises in store for us with spe...
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Podcast 205

The ice has thawed, and we’re back with a new show! New NERDFIGHT announced, Gordon Ramsay should work for DC, Gotham and Flash have some decent casting, Mikey gets an email from a Power Ranger, and you should come to our...
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Podcast 109

Mikey is out for the first time ever this week but that doesn’t stop us from keeping it real. Of course, the topic of the week is all about Watchmen. Reviews of the new issues of Winter Soldier, Animal Man, Locke and Key ...
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