Podcast 142

PODCAST!!! Ryan “Seacrest” Reid stops by to talk about the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. In fact, just about everything on this podcast is video game related. Reminder, we will not be having a podcast next week, but w...
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Podcast 206

We’re back!!! Ibrahim betrays us, we get cookies, major publisher starts seeing what we’ve been saying for years, new Matrix trilogy, Flash mask, news, and so much more. To download, right click and select “sa...
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Podcast 91

Special guest on this week’s podcast is Aaron Duran of Geek in the City and Newsarama. We get your nerd news, talk about Gears of War 3, disect in detail the DCNU 52, review comics and give you music from The Ataris and I...
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Podcast 129

Great podcast this week. Sitting with us is Voodoo, Uncharted and Xenoholics writer Joshua Williamson to talk about his new upcoming project with Chris Roberson’s new imprint, Monkeybrain. We also have with us Sean Buckna...
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Podcast 191

Podcast time again! This week walk talk about the dangers of fiber, the cure for fat, comic characters as other races, didja knows, Mikey’s dream date, and so much more. To download, right click and select “save as&...
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