Podcast 156

Podcast!!! Mikey’s out this week, but replacing him is none other then the great Bobby Roberts. I haven’t heard it yet, but apparently they talk about poop and are all over the place. So…a regular episode. To ...
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Toxic Fan Culture

This episode, we tackle the topic of toxic fan culture, how it is born, and how to combat it. Joining us for the episode is social media expert, Aaron Colter (Rose City Comic Con), and writer, Christoper Sebela (High Crimes, We...
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Podcast 282 (12/19/15)

This episode is all about Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Conley Smith and Jimmy Pressler join us to talk about every detail of the new film. There is literally nothing but spoilers in this episode, so before ...
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Podcast 126

Podcast happy fun time. We’re joined by Ryan “Seacrest” Reid and Sean “Bad Wolfe” Wynn. We talk about how horrible E3 was, how disappointing Prometheus was, your nerd news, and all the crazy things...
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Podcast 209

NEW PODCAST!!! Joining us this week from the Alter Egos Society is Benja Barker to talk about some upcoming panels at Emerald City Comic Con and the theater project “Sidekicks”. We also talk about your nerd news, ho...
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