Geek in the City Radio 220

This week Mikey was on Geek in the City Radio with Big Jim Willig of the Big and Loud Podcast, Scott Dally, and Joshua Dommermuth of the Portland Geek Council. It was a lot of fun and you should listen to it HERE!!!
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Podcast 181

Podcast time! We talk a lot about TV randomly at first, but I assure you that it eventually starts sounding like a show. The topic for the day is comic event fatigue and how you can treat it, plus a review of Elysium. To downlo...
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Podcast 144

Podcast!!! Ibrahim’s out this week, but we got Kenna Conklin of Geek Portland and Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts of cortandfatboy to join us. We tear apart Dark Knight Rises, talk some nerd news, review Argo and go ov...
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‘Here’s to Life’ Issue #21: Male vs. Female – Sex

Now that our webcomic is old enough to drink, we thought we’d present you with a slightly more mature take on relationships. Ok. We’re lying. Issue #20 (Click Here)
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Podcast 162 (Emerald City Comic Con 2013)

We’re exhausted from all the fun we had, but we tried our hardest to get you a podcast straight from the Emerald City Comic Con. We go over some of the best things that we saw, all the crazy great people we met, and the s...
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