Nerdfight 14

The new NERDIFIGHT is up. Follow the link to all it’s heavenly glory HERE!!!
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Podcast 170

We’re finally back in the studio!!! We’re catch up on all the news we’ve missed for the last few weeks, treat each other like shit, give Comics Alliance a good bye, and talk about the process of giving up comi...
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Comic CONversations: David Walker.

Our new show, Comic CONversations, is now up. The first interview is with David Walker, Author of Darius Logan: Super Justice Force. Follow the link and be sure to subscribe on iTunes. http://chroniclesofthenerds.com/comicconve...
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Podcast 168

New Podcast!!! Joining us this week is comics writer, Joshua Williamson (Masks and Mobsters, Ghosted). We talk about comics, bad movies, ex wives, the pain scale, Oblivion, Stumptown Comics Fest, and so much more. To download, ...
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Natalie Nourigat and Cat Farris

There’s a new interview up for Comic CONversations. This one is with Periscope Studio members Natalie Nourigat (Between Gears) and Cat Farris (Flaccid Badger) and it was recorded in front of an audience at Wonder NW. To c...
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