Episode 004 of NERDFIGHT is now up and ready to make your ears bleed. Hit the link if you’re ready for pain. NERDFIGHT 004
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Podcast 140

Podcast!!! We’re joined this week by the amazing, the funny, the smart, the beautiful, Kiala Kazebee of Vaginal Fantasy and The Nerdist. We talk Friday Night Lights, some nerd news, Rose City Comic-Con wrap up and the ret...
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Podcast 164

New Podcast!!! Ibrahim gets older and Mikey is just old. We return to reviewing comics, talk a bit about Kickstarter, babble about the news, and have an all around good time. We review Legend of the Shadow Clan, Batman and Robi...
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Podcast 190

Podcast!!! First show in our new home at the Funemployment Radio Network. Joining us this show is our friend Kielen King, the Start Pilot himself. We start off with some nerd news, then talk about the gritty realism with comic ...
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Podcast 249 (2/28/15)

New show up. We pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy with special guests Jesse Graff (Spock) and Adam Rosko (Kirk) from Trek in the Park. We discuss the man’s great contribution to pop culture, how he and his cast mates pretty mu...
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