Podcast 230

We need to get this waking up in the morning thing down. After a late start we do a show. Some things are talked about, revelations are made. In all honesty, I don’t remember a single thing we talked about and I’m t...
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g cobra commander

Podcast 192

New podcast!!! Joining us this week are Big Jim Willig and Don Frost from the Big and Loud Podcast. We talk about the truth behind healthcare, nerd news, Mikey’s dream car, being fat, and so much more. To download, right ...
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Podcast 60

So much rage crammed into one podcast.  Music from Icarus the Owl and The Get Up Kids.
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Podcast 206

We’re back!!! Ibrahim betrays us, we get cookies, major publisher starts seeing what we’ve been saying for years, new Matrix trilogy, Flash mask, news, and so much more. To download, right click and select “sa...
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Podcast 117/ECCC Day 3

We’re back from Emerald City Comicon with wrap up from the last day as well as our thoughts on the whole event. We bring you your nerds news, talk about The Hunger Games and bring you reviews of Avengers vs X-Men, Batwing...
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