Podcast 95

Podcast time. Sorry for the bad quality. It’s all Allen’s fault. We have special guests, Kielen King of Geek in the City and Ryan Reid from PDX YAR. We review Batman: Arkham Asylum, Three Musketeers, Fear Itself and...
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Podcast 174

PODCAST!!! We apologize for the unforeseen sound issues. Bobby Roberts joins us today two talk about the only things that mattered this week; E3 and Man of Steel. There’s a lot of thoughts. LOTS. To download, right click ...
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Podcast 203

Another Stacey Dash cast! Joining us this week is the artist of The Army of Dr. Moreau, Carl Sciacchitano. George Lucas has never kissed a girl, Man of Steel is just kidding, DC ends a good portion of anything worth reading, Su...
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Podcast 129

Great podcast this week. Sitting with us is Voodoo, Uncharted and Xenoholics writer Joshua Williamson to talk about his new upcoming project with Chris Roberson’s new imprint, Monkeybrain. We also have with us Sean Buckna...
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Podcast 135

PODCAST!!! Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts drops in to talk about about his new show “Geek Remixed”, hip hop, and everything right and wrong about superhero movies and DC animated. Giggidy. To download right clic...
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