Because we’re a bunch of nerds, we totally forgot about the Super Bowl. As such, apparently everyone was busy. We decided to use this as an opportunity to do a special episode about Mikey & Allen’s friendship a...
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Podcast 77 (Geek Olympathon Edition)

Post day one of the Geek Olympathon, the nerds chat about how freaking awesome the events are. We give you your comic and nerd news and have an in depth conversation about the new DC relaunch and all the news out of E3. Music f...
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Podcast 135

PODCAST!!! Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts drops in to talk about about his new show “Geek Remixed”, hip hop, and everything right and wrong about superhero movies and DC animated. Giggidy. To download right clic...
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Podcast 184

Podcast!!! Joining us this week are Ron Brister and Dave Brockway, founders of the Rose City Comic Con. We get down on why this will be the greatest convention Portland has ever seen. We also talk your nerd news and review the ...
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Podcast 200!!!

Podcast! We are 200 episodes old. Joining us this episode is one of the OGNs Dan Jones. Also joining us is special guest Grant Morrison to talk about his take on Star Wars. Thanks everyone for listening much longer than you sho...
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