Podcast 188

Podcast. The episode is all over the place in a good way. Everything from why Batman and Robin is better than Batman Returns, to the most iconic nerd vehicle. We finally settle in and talk about what makes a good ending to a TV...
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Podcast 51

Mikey and Allen nerd rage on the video game industry.  Music from Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Harvey Danger. http://blip.tv/file/get/Chroniclesofthenerds-Podcast51711.mp3
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Podcast 152

New Podcast!!! We traded Allen for Big Jim Willig of the Big and Loud Podcast and the Doubleclicks. We got a pretty good deal. We talk about how awesome the Ewok movies are, more James Bond, review the Hobbit, news, A few songs...
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Podcast 180

PODCAST TIME! The main crew is back in full effect this week. We touch back on The Wolverine, talk a bit about your nerds news, figure out who really is the biggest jerk in comics, and get into how the nerds won and we just don...
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Podcast 44

All the New York Comic Con news you need to hear. Music from Mos Def, Emery and Circa Survive. http://blip.tv/file/4239368
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