Podcast 256 (5/16/15)

What’s up, Power Rangers? In this episode we talk about the horrid nature of modern medicine, how the Matrix is really cool (if you didn’t already know that), all the finales and trailers that dropped, the new Super...
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Podcast 253 (4-11-15)

Here comes Daredevil. This episode is fully devoted to the man without fear. We talk about many of the greatest DD stories, the creators who really defined him, the struggles of the original film, the greatness of the new show,...
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Podcast 115

Podcast time. Andrew Hill of Caveman Medicine stops by to educate us nerds on some healthy eating, we talk your nerd news, John Carter and review Sleeper: Out in the Cold, Saga, The Secret History of D.B. Cooper and Avatar the ...
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Amazing Batman's Funny Photos (13)

Podcast 86

Such a great show this week. Kielen King from Geek in the City and Andrew Hill from Caveman Medicine guest to bring us our strangest cast yet. We of course bring you your news and comic reviews, but we also talk about Kielen...
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Podcast 295 (4/2/16)

Huge show this week. So huge that we went 50% over. Ibrahim makes his triumphant return. “Big” Jim Willig says his goodbyes. Biollante drops by, and we of course have to talk more about Batman v Superman. 5 more epi...
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