Podcast 241

It’s the end of the year, so time for our top 10. This year we don’t do a list of anything specific, just the 10 best things to us. Let us know what you’re top 10 is. Thanks for sticking with us another year. ...
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Podcast 235

What’s up, nerds? Joining us this week is the co-curator of Sequential Art Gallery and manage of Bridge City Comics, Merrick Monroe. We talk about all the DC movie news that dropped this week, Robert Downey Jr joining Cap...
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Podcast 237

Podcast time! Joining us this week is the co-founder of the Funemeployment Radio Network Greg Nibler to talk about the 5 year anniversary of Funemployment Radio party. We also talk about some Star Wars rumors, Jared Leto as the...
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Podcast 88

With Ibrahim out this week we’re joined by Sadie Gerber to talk about Doctor Who along with all your other nerd news. We review Love Me Nice, Flashpoint, Justice League, Wolverine and The Ultimates. Music from Chiodos and...
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Podcast 75

No lie, we’re heavy on everything X-Men film related today. We break down the history, present and future of the film franchise. We also discuss TV and film piracy in the nerdiest way possible plus your weekly comic book ...
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