Comics from Brian Michael Bendis’ college course

Many of you know that I (Mikey) am taking a class from comic god, Brian Michael Bendis. The class is a lot of fun and we’re learning a heck of a lot about making comics, the industry, and what it’s like to really be...
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Patton Oswalt: We’ll Die Another Day!

Our first new writer, Joe Streckert, gives us an amazing response to Patton Oswalt’s motion that geek culture needs to die.  Way to knock it out of the park, Joe. Patton Oswalt thinks that geek culture needs to die. In ...
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Podcast 001

First Podcast has been recorded! We will post that as soon as we can. Updates to the site will be happening all the time as well. So keeping checking in.
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DC Relaunch: My Praise and Worries.

Before you automatically think this is going to be a fanboy bash fest, let me assure you that I want this DC relaunch to be the most successful things in comics to have ever happened. I truly do. If this is a hit then it’...
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Jumping onto the X-Men

I just wrote an article over at Geek in the City.  It’s part four in their series that showcases the perfect spot to jump into one of the major comic series.  After you’ve read mine check out the other ones on Gre...
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