The A.V. Club’s Pop Pilgrims @ Timberline Lodge

The A.V. Club is a group of dedicated nerds who document and review everything/anything in the realm of pop-culture. From books to comics, films to television, music to broadway, they meticulously compile and organize facts and...
by Cole


‘The Blair Witch Project’… 12 years later

Every generation has a film that redefined their perception horror. One that would stir the murky depths of your most primal fears. For some, that was The Exorcist. For others, it was Jaws. For this most recent generation, it w...
by Cole


Podcast 001

First Podcast has been recorded! We will post that as soon as we can. Updates to the site will be happening all the time as well. So keeping checking in.
by admin



Save the Clock Tower!!!

As my wife and I were sitting down for a viewing of BTTF on its oh so special day, we noticed for the first time something in the opening clock scene (opening credits) that we hadn’t ever noticed before.  As the camera s...
by admin


Podcast 298 (4/30/16)

We’re getting so close to the end. This week, The Doctor Andrew Hill joins us to talk about how to keep yourself healthy at your next convention. Other than that, it’s basically just us doing what we do best. I̵...
by admin