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‘Stan Lee’s (Not-so) Superhumans’ Review


Available on: Netflix Instant Queue and DVD/Blu-Ray
Season total: 1
Rating: 3 out of 5

While perusing the netflix queue on my Xbox, I stumbled upon a show that peaked my interest. I had heard of its existence and about some of its characters, but had never been able to locate the show itself. Until now.  Stan Lee’s Superhumans is a documentary style of reality entertainment that uncovers and locates humans with, what they classify, as superhuman abilities. The show attempts to use modern science to breakdown the facts behind why these particular humans can do what they do. But are these individuals truly superhuman?

Thundercats “trailer”

Check out the clip from the upcoming Thundercats animated series.
What do you think?


BBC’s Outcasts Review

Our British Nerd, James Hayward, comes at us again with another review, this time of the new BBC series, Outcasts.

British Sci Fi can be a little hit and miss but what the Brits lack in big budget special effects, they’ve, more often than not, compensated for with rich characters, interesting plots and snappy scripts. Of course, like any other country, some god-awful poop gets released here once in a while (Primival I’m looking at you) but in general standards are high.

Defending The Dresden Files

Our next new writer is Brian Green.  He’s got some insight into The Dresden Files and why the show was handled horribly.

With Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files short story collection, Side Jobs having recently been released, and the novel Changes coming out in March, I thought I’d take the time to examine just what makes his books so bloody amazing.

But, after some thought, I realized I’d prefer to compare his Dresden series success with the abysmal failure that was the Dresden Files TV show.  This is something I’ve been longing to do for a while now, and this post only grazes the surface of my deep-rooted disappointment with the mishandling of the small screen translation.

Top 5: T.V. and/or Movie Remakes

Top 5: T.V. and or Movie Remakes

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