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Album Review: Search/Party: Learn To Speak


I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to review this record when the opportunity presented itself. It had nothing to do with what I predicted the quality would be, or that I’m friends with the band members, but because I am such a big fan of the previous music project from two of the members, Delta!Bravo. After I heard them live one night at a basement party, I pretty much made them become my friends, like a stalkers dream come true. Knowing that what I would be putting in my ears wasn’t that, and that no matter how objective I’d like to think I was being, in the back of my mind I would be comparing whatever I heard to their previous work. Luckily, after only hearing a few bars of Learn To Speak, I knew that this was an entirely different animal, making this so much easier. Search/Party is made up of Joss Rose (Base/Vocals), Brad Rooks (Guitar/Vocals), and Nick Taylor (Drums/Vocals).

Watsky “A New Kind of Sexy (Mixtape)” review


Rating: 5 out of 5

George Watsky is an American award-winning poet turned rapper. Well, I use the term “rapper” loosely. Watsky is a philosophical intellectual that interweaves subtle meanings and subtexts into the lyrics of his songs. At only 23, he harbors a distinctly deep insight into the power of tears and laughter. His words are profound and poetic with varying rhyme schemes brimming with subversive humor.

Protest the Hero “Scurrilous” review


Protest the Hero is a band that has flown under the radar for most of their career. They have drawn grand reviews for their albums and garnered much critical acclaim. Hailing from north of the border, these Ontario boys have consistently broken the frame of the “M3T4L” genre. Do not be fooled by the fact that they are classified as a “metal” band because that is far from who they are. I would equate them to the styles of Symphony X, Liquid Tension Experiment, Between the Buried and Me, Rush, Iron Maiden, and even, The Who. Their newest album, Scurrilous, is their junior studio release and is now available on iTunes or at

Coheed and Cambria: Year of the Black Rainbow review

We’ve been talking about doing music reviews over here at the chronic for some time now and just never really had an album that we felt really fit our particular brand of nerdiness.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re all huge music nerds and our knowledge extends into many genres with obsessions over many artists and bands to a point where we’ve often had intellectual conversations over lyrics and time signature changes.  If you look at our list of interviews you’ll see a trend with the amount of musicians and bands that it’s finally to the point where we need weigh in on some the works being released.  When Coheed and Cambria released their new album this last week, I finally felt we had something that was epic and nerdy enough to lay down some letters for.

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