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Achievements Are Killing Video Games


Ryan Reid (better known as Seacrest) joins us for a new weekly segment on video games. Every week he’s going to drain his mind onto this site and talk about his unique view on the video game world. Make sure to make it out to his video game pub quiz at Ground Kontrol every other Sunday.

Reboot, Reborn or Legacy


Superheroes are a funny lot. Many of them represent the best of humanity, time periods and ideals in such a way that is almost incomparable to any person in real life. They’re in many ways as timeless in theme as any character from mythology or Shakespeare. If one were to fall another will take their place…or given time they’ll just pop back out of the ground to fight another day…or if sales are really slipping we’ll just press the reset button like its a Nintendo and pretend nothing ever happened.

Podcast 95


Podcast time. Sorry for the bad quality. It’s all Allen’s fault. We have special guests, Kielen King of Geek in the City and Ryan Reid from PDX YAR. We review Batman: Arkham Asylum, Three Musketeers, Fear Itself and Xenoholics. Music from Kielen King and I Am The Avalanche.

To download, right click and select save as HERE!!! Subscribe on iTunes.

Geeky Guy’s Guide to Getting the Girl

Art by Genevieve Santos

You are at the top of the leader board on Xbox live. You can speak Elvish fluently. You have a great group of friends who gather once a week to play Magic. You are happy, but there is one thing missing. The nerdy girl of your dreams. You deserve her, and with a little help you’ll get her.

‘The Blair Witch Project’… 12 years later


Every generation has a film that redefined their perception horror. One that would stir the murky depths of your most primal fears. For some, that was The Exorcist. For others, it was Jaws. For this most recent generation, it was Paranormal Activity. As for mine, it was The Blair Witch Project. Some of you reading this article may mock me for being scared pale at this film, and to that I argue that this film wasn’t just scary by the standards of 1999 cinema. For, recently, I decided to revisit the scariest film I have ever seen. A film that has forged, at my core, an irrationally visceral fear of the woods. I was curious to see if, 12 years later, this independent docu-horror could still have me looking over my shoulder as the screen flickers in the dark of my room.

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